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Sold Dogs

Dogs that have been in our kennel for breeding or was sold to other breeders or customers. We are very proud to have once owned these dogs or had them in our kennel.


Orex Anrebri


Super, Beautiful Pup!
Long hair, Solid Black!

Wiliams R. Anrebri - BH, IGP1, ZVV1, IGBH1, IFHV, IFH1, ZZO1, SPR1. VD HD+ED normal, DNA, 1. Tř. 5 VQ1/P.

Dita Black Adder Bohemia - BH, IPO 1, IPO V, SPr 1, T1, ZVV 1. 
DKK-A (1/1), DLK-0/0 (CZ)


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