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Our Love of the German Shepherd Dog

Hello! My name is Chris Woodall and I live outside of Jonesboro, Ar. My wife, Kelly and I have 5 kids and 5 times as many dogs! Our kids Masen, Skyla, Kaelyn, Caleb and Emily help us with the pups when they are little BUT once they get to the biting age, they check out. My love for the German Shepherd Dog started when I was a kid. I have had a few over the years but I never really truly owned a real working German Shepherd until 2015. In 2017 I met Igor Anrebri. He started my passion for owning and training dogs of his caliber. No, he isn't a world champion dog BUT he could have been.

Our Dogs are imported from Europe from World Class Bloodlines. All of our dogs are titled and proven. We only select the best with the characteristics we are looking for in our breeding stock. We currently have a few more over in Czech Republic being trained for future studs and dams. We hope to create the best breeding foundation in our kennel to produce the very best working dogs for years to come. 

Our main goal is to produce the German Shepherd dog that has the genetic ability, skill and intelligence to succeed in any environment under any condition. A dog that will excel on the field, in the streets, and in the home.

Our main focus is to use genetics and breeding advice from breeders overseas that have been breeding dogs for over 30-40 years. We look to produce dogs that have a solid temperament, sound nerves, and the workability of none other.

Our dogs we produce and import are the total package when it relates to living in their home, loving their home, and protecting their home. We produce lifelong family members.

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